Experiencing the cuisine of different countries and cultures is in my opinion one of the highlights of the travelling experience.  I love nothing more than to try something new in a new environment and the experience is even better if I can share it with a local.

Travelling on a budget does mean that you tend to head to the supermarket to buy some cheap items often just to sustain you.  However, eating out in many countries is incredibly cheap and a fantastic way to meet people.

And don’t let the thought of dining alone put you off.  Take a good book or your map if you need something to do, but I find that I you chose a table with a view of the passing world, people watching can be a great way to amuse yourself while you are dining.

However, don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with the waiter, who will often take extra care of you when they know you are a solo traveller and are a great source of local knowledge on where to go and what to do.

Street food can also be a great fun experience and especially cheap but you do have to be careful not to contract a nasty bug.  Lonely Planet have written a useful little article on how to eat Indian Street Food Safely.

There are many averagely good restaurants in every tourist area, however I only recommend the ones that particularly stood out for me, sometimes because the friendliness and ambience, but always because the food was good.