In 2010 I visited Jordan, first trekking from the Dead Sea over the mountains to Petra eventually arriving in Petra via Little Petra and then I toured the length and breadth of Jordan, visiting many towns and cultural sites along the way.

The trek was organised by the British Heart Foundation and we were led over precipitous mountain ledges by our agile Bedouin Guide who only wore flip flops while his back up team were an old man and a boy riding their donkeys.

We also had a Bedouin support team who would arrive at our night time campsite just ahead of us and prepare delicious Bedouin meals from their camp kitchen.

Each night we slept in the desert under the stars snuggled in our sleeping bags while temperatures plummeted to near freezing.  It was an incredible experience.

After the trek I spent ten days exploring Jordan’s many wonderful archaeological and cultural sites with my wonderful driver Fawaz.

The entire trip was an experience of a life time and I will endeavour to upload a photo album and some information about it to my blog site in due course.

However in the meantime if I can assist you with any information about Jordan please contact me by email: [email protected]