Belize Central America – February 2017

Belize Central America, formally known as British Honduras before its name was changed in 1973 and gaining independence from the British Empire in 1981, surrounded by Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras on the Caribbean Coast of Central America.

An extremely friendly and happy country to visit; easy to travel throughout;, lots to see and do; overall an excellent and happy experience.

Reasons for visiting:

Snorkelling, (Second Largest Barrier Reef to Australia) Maya Ruins, jungle wild life, cultural experience


Primary language English, also Creole, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya, German


Felt extremely safe throughout entire trip. Occasional touting from taxi drivers, no or very little hassling either from street vendors or unwanted male attention

Areas to avoid:

Some areas of Belize City which has high gang gun wars. Otherwise normal crime incidents

How I got There:

Flew with Singapore Airlines from Manchester Airport to Houston, then United Airlines from Houston to Belize

Alternative Route options: Numerous including travelling to Cancun in Mexico or via Miami


Prebooked Belize City and Caye Caulker otherwise only booked ahead same day or looked for accommodation upon arrival. Accommodation easily found with the exception of Placencia, which only required more effort

My Route

Belize City ⇨ Caye Caulker San Pedro ⇨ Corozel ⇨ Orange Walk ⇨ San Ignacio ⇨ Placencia ⇨ Belize City


Readily available everywhere, including cafes, restaurants and hotels


Belize or American Dollars accepted everywhere


Local Buses very easy to use and very cheap

Water Taxi’s between islands and mainland, very easy to catch and reasonable prices

Flew between Placencia and Belize City with Maya Island Air. Efficient

Other Travellers I Met:

Mainly American, Canadian and a few Europeans