I learnt to snorkel in 2015 I’m a typical Brit – I can’t swim!  I tried snorkeling on my Backpacking trip around Australia in 1982 with my friend Wendy.  It was on a coral beach somewhere in Queensland.  It was a complete disaster!  I couldn’t breath under water! The “flippers” turned me upside down and I … Read More

Belize, A Journey Of Discovery & Some Snorkelling: Amusing Stories Of Middle Aged Life On The Road Available On Amazon.com, and other Amazon sites, in both Kindle and Paperback. Why You Should Visit Belize Central America My 10 great reasons to visit Belize. An ideal Central American destination, easily accessible even from the UK and Europe.  Picture yourself immersed … Read More

monkey river town belize

On my first night in Belize all those weeks ago I had been captivated by the story of Monkey River Town; a small village situated on the Caribbean Sea near Placencia at the mouth of the Monkey River and one of the last purely Creole villages in Belize. My new American friends told me how … Read More

I simply have not given myself enough time in San Ignacio. I love it and I want to stay longer but this is the last week of my trip and beach and snorkel beckon me. Besides, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve had enough of “Visiting Old Shit”- a term my brother and I affectionately … Read More

I want to take a tour so I visit MayaWalk Tours office. I am spoiled for choice… There are a number of cave systems in this area and the biggest attraction is the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave or ATM to the tourists! You have to swim in to it and then scramble, crawl and wade through a … Read More

  Today I’m heading to San Ignacio in the far West of Belize and near the Guatemalan border. To get there I need to catch a bus from Orange Walk to Belize City which I’m told with some vagueness will probably take around an hour. I am then to change buses for what should be … Read More