I lived in Australia for twenty years and it is my other home.  I had an incredibly adventurous life there living in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the Victorian country town of Mildura.

I backpacked around Australia in 1982 a trip which took me by bus from Adelaide, a long bumpy journey up the unsealed red dust highway, to Australia’s Red Centre of Alice Springs and Ayres Rock as the Rock was called then.  I climbed the Rock and stayed at the only hostel in the area, the other alternative being the camp site. My trip took me to Darwin and then across to the Queensland coast where I went as far north as Cairns and visited a number of tropical islands along the way.  Heading south via Brisbane I visited Sydney and then cut across country via Mildura to Perth, breaking the long monotonous bus journey across the Nullarbor Plain by staying at Kalgoorlie, a dusty mining town.

Many years later I retraced some of my footsteps, this time by campervan with my parents.  The changes that had been created by the passing of time were significant.  We left Sydney and made our way down south to Melbourne before heading into country Victoria and cutting across to Adelaide.  We travelled to the Red Centre on smooth sealed roads.  Stayed at a very smart campsite at “Uluru” as the Rock is now called surrounded by five star desert resorts and coach loads of tourists.

Making our way across to Queensland we once again reached Cairns before making our way down the East coast via Brisbane to my home in Sydney.

There is so much to see and do in Australia I could write a book just about this country.  However, for the moment I will endeavour to upload photo albums and write some posts in due course.

My plans for 2018 include returning to Australia to visit friends and explore the West Coast, which I haven’t yet done.

In the meantime if I can help with any information about Australia please contact me by email: [email protected]