Barehotelier Reviews

Any recommendations included in this blog are based on my own personal experiences and may not suit everyone.

Having worked in hospitality for over thirty five years I know that Hospitality and Tourism is a very challenging and difficult business sector where individuals work hard for little return and are always at the mercy of the external environment.

I understand that businesses don’t always “get it right” and sometimes there is no excuse for this.  However, sitting on the fence so to speak, I do recognise when overall they are giving their best but sometimes things just simply go wrong.

Internet reviews are extremely valuable to both the Consumer and the Service Provider, however we have become an intolerant society and are witnessing the emergence of an ugly and nasty breed of Consumers who I call “Cowardly Keyboard Warriors.”  These individuals would rather hide behind their keyboards and vent their own life’s frustrations by anonymously but very publicly attacking Service Providers in a deeply personal way, rather than dealing with a complaint in the good old fashioned face to face way.

In my previous life as a Service Provider, I have  personally experienced the brunt of these “Cowardly Keyboard Worriers”  and know how demoralising this can be in an already difficult environment.

Therefore I simply won’t write anything about individual Service Providers that have fallen short without due reason of my expectations, unless I feel an essential warning to other travellers is required.

My blog will only ever include recommendations based on experiences that have met or exceeded my expectations and my belief that the operator is delivering the best they can within their budget category and environmental restraints.

Disclosure: Please note that should you wish to use any link from my website I may gratefully receive a small commission at no extra cost to you which will contribute to the upkeep of this website.