About The Blog

A short story about the blog. In late 2016 I lost my two best friends; my wonderful Mum and my faithful dog Nelson within three months of each other.

At the beginning of 2017, under enormous financial pressure, I reluctantly gave up my business that I had passionately toiled over for more than thirteen years..

At aged 57 years I find myself unemployed, alone and lost without all that has been my life for so long.  I have no clear direction forward and am deeply bereaved and somewhat terrified, but life is all about unknowns and if I don’t take the first step out of grief I will never know what happiness the future might hold for me.

So I have decided to turn my situation into a positive and in the absence of any other plan attempt to fulfil my life long dream of travelling full time.

This blog is a light hearted account of my wanderings as they unfold while utilising my extensive hospitality and tourism experience to offer useful insights and recommendations along the roads I travel…..I welcome you to follow me on my journey.