I have a dream, a fantasy To help me through reality And my destination makes it worth the while Pushing through the darkness still another mile I Have A Dream (Abba) Dear Diary, Who Would Have Thought… I am writing this post while I relax on a daybed on my first-floor bedroom balcony. The sun … Read More

Dear Diary I can’t believe it is just over a year ago since I launched the Barehotelier! I was flying over Goose Bay Newfoundland on my way to Belize in Central America at the time via Houston Texas and was nervous about the trip. Really nervous!! Recent events had left me fragile, had stripped me of my  … Read More

Dear Diary 44/9! Where has the time gone?! Forty four days since I left my friends at Bad Schandau on the first leg of my solo journey through Eastern Europe and in only nine days’ time I will be meeting up with my friends in Paris. I’ve already started retracing my steps up Croatia’s Dalmatian … Read More

Dear Diary 16/37! That is sixteen days since I last saw the familiar faces of friends, when Denise, Jan and Wolfgang waved me off at the train station in Bad Schandau, Germany, and I have another thirty-seven days of travelling before I see familiar faces again, when I meet Monica and Linley in Paris! I’ve … Read More