I’ve enjoyed visiting Bratislava immensely and the friendly hostel staff, especially Marianne, have contributed in no small way to this, but I am becoming city exhausted and once again I feel the isolation of being invisible in a big city. I’d like to see a bit of Slovakia’s countryside and so I head to a town … Read More

It is only 80 kms to Bratislava from Vienna and I am travelling by train.  By now I have become quite proficient at dealing with the public transport system. It helps of course that Vienna’s train station is very modern and incredibly well signed in English so I navigate it with ease. Arriving in Bratislava, according … Read More

I’ve discovered that it’s not as easy to meander through Eastern Europe as it appears on a map. Public transport doesn’t always flow the way you’d like your route to and often leads back to a central point. For example, in the Czech Republic all roads eventually lead back to Prague! So trying to make … Read More