Belize, A Journey Of Discovery And Some Snorkeling

I am extremely excited to introduce the first book in the series of


The concise story of the Barehotelier Belize posts with additional stories and insights. An amusing two hour read, Belize, A Journey Of Discovery, And Some Snorkeling is now available in paperback and eBook versions on Amazon in most countries, worldwide….

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By Renowned Travelblogger And Book Reviewer Laureen Lund Of MyFabFiftiesLife

Renowned Belize Travel Blogger Taco Girl feature article – Lots Of Love and Three Belize Book Writers

When your world has come crashing down and lies in shattered ruins, what do you do? Well, if you are Ann, a 57-year-old novice snorkeler and rusty backpacker, you go back-packing through Belize, of course! Join her as she sets off on her hilarious back-packing adventures of discovery from the Caribbean cayes to the deep jungles of the colourful and fascinating Central American country, Belize, via the urban jungle of Downtown Houston.
It all begins on her 57th birthday. Waking from yet another wine induced sleep, she is in despair as she contemplates her empty and futile life.
Isn’t this meant to be the time of life when a woman enjoys her grandchildren, plans her retirement and finally takes those dreadful over-fifties holidays with her husband?
At least, that is how she’d always envisaged it. But her life hasn’t turned out like that.

Follow her journey of discovery as she launches her Barehotelier travel blog, experiences hosteling after thirty-five years, is stalked by urban wolves in Houston, spends the night with a group of cheerleaders and learns about the Superbowl.
A self-confessed political retard, she is travelling in the months following the Trump and Brexit elections and constantly finds herself in mind-freezing, sweat-inducing situations as she is expected to talk politics
Backpacking alone through Belize, she slips into Belizean time while she travels on old buses with vinyl seats, loud music and no air-conditioning.
She discovers the warmth and generosity of the gentle Belizean people as she swims with sharks, sleeps in a wooden shed with a tin roof, freezes with fear at the top of a Maya Ruin, avoids swallowing howler monkey droppings and goes in pursuit of Monkey River Town….


The concise story of the Barehotelier Belize posts with additional stories and insights. An amusing two hour read, Belize, A Journey Of Discovery, And Some Snorkeling is now available in paperback and eBook versions on Amazon in most countries, worldwide.

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2 Comments on “Belize, A Journey Of Discovery And Some Snorkeling”

  1. Having recently read your book on your Belize adventure, I had already commented on Facebook. But I’m following up now on your blog page. For those of us of a certain age, traveling the world (almost) alone presents a few challenges and I am interested in learning your thoughts and experiences.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Chris, first for buying my book, and then for giving me your feedback on it. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and really appreciated your comment on facebook very much. Your question about how it is for “we of a certain age” traveling the world is…I have a few comments…

      I’ve always found that traveling alone, regardless whether it is a short trip to visit friends, traveling to join a group, or traveling solo, as I did in Belize, always starts with anxieties and stomach churns, triple checking passport/tickets/times etc. But once I get going everything unfolds, usually in the nicest way. I find as a female solo traveler of (a certain age) it is much easier and safer than when I was younger. And young people are genuinely interested in you so I absolutely recommend hostels over individual hotel rooms. Life can be very lonely on the road, but at least in a hostel, you are with like-minded people and have much in common to talk about, and again I reiterate, hostels are not ageist. Here is a link to my post about just this topic Ten Tips For Staying In Hostels
      Traveling is wonderful, whether shared or alone, each brings its own special experiences…do not be afraid! The first step is the hardest!
      Smile, be friendly and it will be reciprocated! I hope I have answered your questions Chris, but please flood me with more if I can help at all…And let me know how your adventures go!

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