In Houston For The Super Bowl

Eventually I discover why Houston is so busy!  It’s not an Astronauts Convention after all!  It’s the Super Bowl and the hype is on! No wonder Baloo was so grumpy, having to work the Super Bowl!

Kick off is at 5.30pm and Lady Gaga is singing at half time! I’ve got to find me a Bar so I can sit and watch it! But first I’ve got to establish how safe the area is!

Checking with my Hostel Manager he gives me some directions to where I will find restaurants and bars.  They’re only a block over from the hostel, which is good, but his words of advise about safety don’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Well” he says in a heavy Texan Accent “What I always say to folks is “”this is a big city; if you see a pack of wolves – run!””

So I leave the hostel filled with a little trepidation but follow his directions walking up a side street to the main street one block over where the restaurants are.  As I walk I breath in the scents of the evening blossoms and enjoy the feeling of warmth on my winter weary body.

Quickly reaching the street I first head left towards the lights of would be eateries, but passing empty car lots and darkened alleys as dusk quickly becomes dark I start to feel uneasy, so I double back and head in the other direction going right from my side street.

Soon I spot a very sinister looking black Dodge type of truck.  A big one with darkened windows and bright headlights, just like the ones they use in Hollywood drive by shootings! It seems to be kerb crawling after me and now I am really concerned.  I quickly cross the street and duck into a nearby restaurant, only to find they are closing up early.

Coming back out I stay on this side of the road, but head back towards my side street.  And there is the Dodge, parked in the driveway of a restaurant carpark opposite with its engine running and its lights glaring across the street at me.

I’m convinced whoever is inside has spotted me as a lone traveller with my daypack on and they are going to kidnap me….or worse!  But of course the Dodge quickly speeds off in the other direction and the occupants probably hadn’t even noticed my existence!

Nonetheless I decide to quickly get off the street and go into a Pizza Restaurant/Bar, The Dolce Vita, which is just adjacent to my side street which means I only have to navigate that one block back to my hostel.

I’m immediately greeted by a friendly Waitress who asks if I’d like to sit at a table or up at the bar.  Well!!  I’m going to sit at the bar just like they do in the movies and  the NYPD shows!

I’m delighted! The Bar is just like the scene out of the sitcom “Cheers” and right in front of me on the other side of the bar is the big screen with the Super Bowl on!!

My Bar Tender is an iconic looking Mexican with white shirt and blue waistcoat, jeans and pointy boots.  His raven black hair is neat and slicked up with gel.  He is friendly and recommends a pizza with ingredients that sound foreign to me but he promises it will be tasty.

I settle in with a glass of wine to wait for my pizza and watch the Super Bowl.  The whole setting really is something out of the movies and I’m only glad that the black creature is dozing quietly at the edge of its festering black pit, otherwise I would feel compelled to order a bottle of Rye Whiskey and a shot glass and insist the Bar Tender drinks with me!

Now that I am settled I quietly watch the Super Bowl trying to figure out what it all means.  I’ve got a vague idea, but mostly I’m only guessing what is going on.  The White Team have 3 points and the Red Team have 18 points so always a sucker for the Underdog I decide to support the White Team.

Soon a man and two women join me at the bar. I decide they are husband and wife with a vivacious female friend tagging along.  The man likes the look of my pizza and orders one.  It is a combination of a kind of pork sausage all minced up, anchovies, asparagus and spinach and some flavourings that I don’t recognise!  Its a new flavour for my tastebuds and very delicious.

Occasionally I ask my neighbours questions about the Super Bowl.  They aren’t overly interested in it but as my White Team start to pick up their score my neighbours start to get more involved led by the vivacious lady.  They ask me who I’m supporting and I reply “The Underdog – the White Team”  Well it depends what you mean by the Underdog” they tell me, “The White Team are favourite to win.” 

Soon the White Team’s score is catching up with the Red Team and I’m quietly pleased for them.  By now vivacious lady and couple are loudly supporting the Red Team chanting “Push ’em back, push ’em back, push ’em way way back”   every time the White Team try to make a run with the ball.

We’re becoming more engaged and I’m asking lots of questions now and as the White Team draw equal points with the Red Team Vivacious Lady turns to me and says “You don’t wont to be supporting the White Team Honey, their coach loves Trump!”

Aaghh!! A quick change of loyalty is required here I think and as the White Team try to get that ball up the field I chant “Push ’em back, push ’em back, push ’em way way back!” 







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    • Hello Lovely Rachel, several more episodes since you wrote! Great place and couldn’t talk more highly about the people. I hope all is good with you and see you when I get home. xxx

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