I am trapped in a caravan on the shore of Lake Balaton!! A fierce thunderstorm is rampaging directly overhead.  The air is electric from lightning flashes endlessly illuminating the sky while thunder constantly claps and rumbles, the caravan vibrating under its resounding explosions.  Heavy deafening rain batters at the caravan’s roof and the air, Read More

If you are planning to do some travelling in your later years you wouldn’t be blamed for dismissing the thought of staying in hostels with a shudder. The very word probably conjures up grim images and memories of your gap year or summer Eurail trip a lifetime ago, sleeping rough in train stations and, Read More

Szechenyi Baths Budapest

I have just arrived in Budapest Hungary.  Keleti Railway Station is a beautiful big old building with a high glass roof, ornate stonework and worn flagged flooring. Its façade is full of architectural character and its main entrance pours out into the busy hustle bustle of traffic and pedestrians.  . I immediately sense that, Read More

Dear Diary 44/9! Where has the time gone?! Forty four days since I left my friends at Bad Schandau on the first leg of my solo journey through Eastern Europe and in only nine days’ time I will be meeting up with my friends in Paris. I’ve already started retracing my steps up Croatia’s, Read More

I’ve enjoyed visiting Bratislava immensely and the friendly hostel staff, especially Marianne, have contributed in no small way to this, but I am becoming city exhausted and once again I feel the isolation of being invisible in a big city. I’d like to see a bit of Slovakia’s countryside and so I head to a, Read More

It is only 80 kms to Bratislava from Vienna and I am travelling by train.  By now I have become quite proficient at dealing with the public transport system. It helps of course that Vienna’s train station is very modern and incredibly well signed in English so I navigate it with ease. Arriving in Bratislava,, Read More