I am at the railway station at Bad Schandau, Germany saying goodbye to Denise, Jan and Wolfgang. I’ve already said goodbye to Gabbie at home. This will be my first solo trip on a foreign train and I am nervous. I should be excited too, but as we take happy photos together to mark, Read More

I’m on the road again! Deciding to ease gently into my two month Eastern European tour I  once again headed to Munich to be with Jan and Denise for a few days. Arriving on a hot and sunny afternoon I met up with them at the Augustenier Beirgarten where they were enjoying a late, Read More

I love München and visit often! It has all the positive trappings of a big city; plenty of shops, markets, galleries, entertainment, year round cultural activities and festivals; the most famous being the Oktoberfest and the Christmas markets, as well as an abundance of good restaurants and of course it’s famous Biergärten (“beer gardens”)., Read More